Programme Committee

The NACAA Programme Committee is responsible for the coordination of the technical content of the convention, and providing support to all contributors. Our simple aim is to produce a programme of talks and workshops from fellow amateurs and invited professionals which seeks showcase, educate and inspire our amateur community.

The 2012 Programme Committee was:

  • Jonathan Bradshaw [Chair] (AAQ): Lifelong astronomer, keen occultation observer and video astronomer
  • Tim Naiper-Munn (AAQ): double star guru
  • Ray Johnston (FRAS, AAQ): astro-educationalist and avid historian
  • Joe Cali (AAQ): total eclipse legend, and
  • Alan Plummer (SCSW, AAQ): prolific variable star observer

If you are an active amateur astronomer and would like to contribute to the next NACAA with a talk, workshop or poster then please read our guidelines and make a submission.  You can also contact the 2014 Programme Commitee.