NACAA XXVIII, Ballarat 2018

Ballarat ObservatoryThe 28th NACAA was hosted by the Ballaarat Astronomical Society in collaboration with the Ballarat Municipal Observatory and Museum. The Ballarat Observatory is the oldest operating regional public observatory in Australia, marking its 132nd anniversary in 2018.

The event was held over the 2018 Easter weekend, 30th March to 2nd April at the Mercure Ballarat Hotel & Conference Centre, and the Ballarat Observatory.

The 12th Trans-Tasman Symposium on Occultations was held in conjunction with NACAA XXVIII. In addition the International Dark-Sky Association Victoria ran a Dark Sky Symposium with the theme "Working Towards Dark Skies" on the Monday.

Our home, the Ballarat Municipal Observatory and Museum, has undergone several changes over the intervening 49 years and we hope that when you visit, if you haven't been for some time, you will like the additions and changes we have made.

NACAA is an opportunity for serious amateur astronomers to share their knowledge with the broader community. The standard of work amongst amateurs is such that collaboration regularly occurs between professionals and amateurs.