2014 programme

Sun 14:30-15:00

Measuring Trans-Neptunian Objects with Backyard Telescopes

Stephen Kerr, with Dave Herald, Dave Gault, Hristo Pavlov, Felipe Braga Ribas, Bruno Sicardy, Julio Camargo, Roberto Vieira-Martins

RASNZ Occultation Section, AAQ

Trans-Neptunian Objects represent one of the last frontiers in solar system exploration holding secrets to the formation of the solar system. Their extreme remoteness means that even the most basic of physical information such as size and shape are known for only a minority of objects. Stellar occultations are a technique to gather such data and a high level of coordination between amateur and professional astronomers is starting to produce excellent results. This talk provides an overview of observing opportunities and information available for interested observers and an example of successful observation of an occultation by 2003AZ84 in December 2013.