2012 programme

Sat 7th 15:30-17:00

Supernova Discovery Methods

Peter Marples, Greg Bock, Tamara Davis


The BOSS team is an amateur collaboration of 6 friends from Australia and New Zealand who have worked together as a group since mid 2008 to search, discover, record, and report new supernovae in the southern sky. Their goal is to provide accurate and reliable discovery reports to the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams (CBAT) for further investigation by professional astronomers and their resources.
The members of BOSS include:
1. Stuart Parker, Parkdale Observatory, New Zealand
2. Peter Marples, Loganholme Observatory, Queensland
3. Greg Bock, Windaroo Lakes Observatory, Queensland
4. Colin Drescher,Brisbane, Queensland
5. Pat Pearl, Brisbane,Queensland
6. Brendan Downs, Thunderchild Observatory, Ipswich, Queensland
Since mid 2008, the team has issued 32 reports of possible supernovae of which all have been confirmed by follow up observations. They work as a team so they can cover large areas of the sky with their telescopes and help each other out with confirmation images wherever possible.
To this end we developed effective relationships with professional astronomers who kindly provide spectra after receiving advices from us. BOSS team members regularly provide early details of a suspect to professional observatories to ensure that a spectral confirmation is obtained as proof that a new suspect is a supernova, as required by the CBAT.
The BOSS Team dedicates their observing time to supernova searches in order to ensure the earliest possible observation of a supernova on the rise for the benefit of the science of astronomy.
Joining them in this inspirational special session is Dr Tamara Davis who is herself no stranger to supernova searches and has many discoveries to her name during her period of seeking Type 1a standard candles. Tamara will compare the professional techniques for supernova discovery and explain just how important the work is.