2012 programme

Sun 8th 11:00-12:00

Perdrix Address: The Life of Grote Reber

Martin George

International Planetarium Society, IAU, ASA, A. Soc. Tas

Grote Reber (1911-2002) was the world's first radio astronomer. In 1937, he constructed the very first dedicated radio telescope, near Chicago in the USA. This telescope was used to produce the first radio map of the sky. His interest in the subject, and many other aspects of science, continued throughout his life. He eventually settled in Tasmania, Australia, where he mapped the southern sky at low frequencies. Reber's dedication to radio astronomy, especially when it was new to mainstream scientists, serves as an inspiration to all. A unique character, Reber always stuck to his own ideas about the Big Bang, which are at odds with accepted science.
The speaker will discuss many of the aspects - some quite amusing - of Reber's colourful life.