2012 programme

Mon 9th 09:00-13:00

Eclipse Imaging Workshop

Terry Cuttle, Melissa Hulbert, Stephen Russell, Joe Cali


A total solar eclipse offers many opportunities to capture a wide range of photographic images. This workshop will offer participants lots of advice on how to take the best shots of the 2012 event.

Topics to be covered range from the basics of cameras, lenses, and tripods, to the technicalities of exposure times, bracketing, and computerised time-lapse sequences. There will be something for everyone!

The presenters will include
- Terry Cuttle, well known for his fantastic wide-angle scenic shots
- Melissa Hulbert, astronomy educator, imager and tour organiser
- Stephen Russell, eclipse chaser and award-winning eclipse photographer

There are many ways to collect images of a solar eclipse. We encourage other people to join in and share their expertise and advice too.