Designing and Building a Geodesic-domed Observatory

Sat 11:30-12:00

Designing and Building a Geodesic-domed Observatory

Chris Morley

Latrobe Valley Astronomical Society

The value of an observatory in your own backyard cannot be overestimated. Countless evenings spent taking the equipment outside and then setting it up wastes a lot of potential observing time, especially for one who lives in Southern Victoria where a period of a few hours of clear observing time is precious. This presentation initially discusses the process for the design concept, and then some of the design and construction challenges for a two-storey, circular, geodesic-domed-observatory. The simplicity, strength and cost of the geodesic dome are outlined, as is the design and construction of a solid tall pier and a freely-running turntable. For a relatively modest outlay, the finished observatory not only provides a proper home for the telescope and a spacious sheltered observing facility, but it can also look attractive in your garden. I am pleased to be able to share my experience with you so that some might feel more confident to embark on such a rewarding project and benefit from significantly more observing time.

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