2016 schedule


Variable Stars South - A snapshot of what we do

Mark Blackford, Alan Baldwin, Phil Evans, Aline Homes, Carl Knight, David Moriarty, Tom Richards, Stan Walker

Variable Stars South

Variable Stars South was formed in 2009 to continue the work of the Variable Stars Section of the Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand of which it is a section. Its membership comes mainly from Australia and New Zealand but with other members from a wide variety of countries. This pair of posters presents a summary of some of our research, mainly on various eclipsing binary stars, pulsating variables such as Miras, Cepheids and semi-regular stars with some supergiant objects such as Betelgeuse. Observers use CCD cameras with BVRI filters, DSLR cameras on brighter objects in BVR, some JH photometry in the near infra-red and a little UBV photometry. A variety of papers in refereed journals have been published.